At SFSU I had the opportunity to bring my engineering background to my art production. I was encouraged to explore new technologies and software to produce art relevant to the people and issues of the digital age.

My Digital Self Portrait, is comprised of the data that makes up my digital self stored on a USB drive in the shape of my head, printed from a digital 3D model.

The growth of the mobile computing world has seen an explosion of ‘casual gaming.’ As a commentary on this phenomenon I published my own. Playable here and also available on the Google Play store:

Available on Google Play

V ideo games are typically programs that take input and generate output, thus creating an interactive experience. Opponents of the video game industry are concerned with how games function as amoral input to our lives. While learning about the world of physical computing I made this untitled piece that turns a video game into a source of input for art generating robots. Thus showing output is dependent on the interpretation of any input method.